Yiwei Chen

Yiwei Chen is a New York based independent filmmaker. She specializes in documentary and commercial films. After getting her bachelor's degree in Journalism and working as a visual journalist for a few years, she shifted her career to work on documentary films.

In order to explore more in this field, she came to the U.S. to earn her master's degree in Social Documentary Films from New York City's prestigious School of Visual Arts.

Key focuses in her work are women, youth culture, and creatives. Her recent personal documentary film Audry Funk has been selected to present in New York Independent Film Festival. This film featured Mexican feminist rapper and activist Audry Funk, who was prosecuted by the Mexican government because of her music calling for social justice; and now Audry has moved to the U.S. to keep chasing her dream. 

Apart from producing long-term projects, Chen has been working with editorial and commercial clients. Past clients include Estée Lauder; InStyle; Nautica; VISION; Burgundy Assemblage; ZOHO Music and others.